Personal Care Preservatives

Ampak represents Salicylates & Chemicals, a leading global manufacturer of a wide range of preservatives for the Personal Care and Cosmetics and Pharmaceuticals Industries. The need to control microbial activity is approached in two different ways; 1. Using an antimicrobial where the product helps to control the growth of pathogens or kills them, and 2. Preservatives that retard the growth of micro organisms in personal care product formulations.  Factors such as water activity, pH of the formulation, and solubility & stability of the preservative in the composition determines preservative efficacy.  The chemical preservatives commonly used are classes of chemicals including acids, aromatic alcohols, halogenated compounds, and isothiozolinones.

Preservatives are used widely in personal care applications in like baby products, wipes, shampoos, creams, oral care lotions, lipsticks, and body wash etc. and cough syrups, ointments, tablets for pharmaceutical applications.

Initially, S&C was manufacturing salicylic acid. In the due course of time they changed the product mix and started the manufacturing of Para Hydroxy Benzoic Acid [PHBA]. In 1985, S&C started manufacturing parabens because of in-house PHBA, which is the basic raw material used in the production of parabens.

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In recent years synthetic preservatives, which are accepted as effective in controlling microbial growth, have come under scientific & regulatory scrutiny for safety & environmental concerns. In addition, the increased incidence of resistance to many microorganisms leads product developers to look at the efficacy of using various natural alternatives, including botanical extracts, as alternative preservative systems.

In addition to the standard paraben-based preservatives, S&C also have developed a complete line of paraben-free and formaldehyde-free preservatives. This line of products is marketed and sold under the brand name Saliguard.

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Taking it even one-step further, S&C has also developed a full range of all natural preservative solutions for use in Personal Care, Cosmetics, and Pharmaceutical applications. These products are marketed and sold under the Salinaturals brand name. A number of phytochemicals found in nature resemble chemical preservative compounds in structure and are all-natural alternatives. These classes of phytochemicals include essential oils containing eugenol, thymol, carvacol, terpenoids etc. Some of these extracts when combined are found to be effective against many spoilage microorganisms. Combinations of these extracts are found to be comparable in efficacy to conventionally used preservatives like parabens.

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